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Industrial Heat Exchanger & Fluid Conditioner Series

Allied Fluid Conditioners manufactures the AI heat exchanger series of air-coiled oil heat exchangers. These heat exchanger packages are designed for use in an offline, “kidney loop” circuit. Such a circuit provides predictable and reliable cooling, and is superior in this respect to a return line heat exchanger.

Typical heat exchanger applications include hydraulic and lube oil cooling.

The overall design is the result of extensive multivariate optimization of such variables as air flow, oil flow, energy consumption, noise, and cost, and we believe provides one of the most reliable and cost effective heat transfer solutions on the market.

Each heat exchanger utilizes a compact aluminum core heat exchanger. The flat tube design with internal turbulators markedly improves oil-side heat transfer characteristics over traditional fin-and-tube exchangers. On a unit weight basis, the aluminum core provides more heat transfer than either steel or copper. Thus, these cores are both smaller, and lighter, than traditional exchangers for any given quantity of heat rejection.

A double shafted motor drives both the fan and the oil circulating pump to provide a predictable quantity of heat rejection during the periods of operation.

The fan blades are constructed from a composite material, and are interfaced with the exchanger core with a steel air handling plenum. Both the choice of fan, the design of the plenum, and the relationship between the two, are the result of substantial expenditure of research and testing to maximize airflow, and minimize noise and input power. Insulated joints and special materials are also used to minimize noise. All major parts are powder coated.

Gerotor circulating pumps of our own design are currently in the final stages of reliability testing. These will be an improvement in our already reliable gear pumps in several areas, and will result in notably quieter operation, a more compact package, and lower weight.

Each unit supports an optional oil filtration package.

For applications that are extremely noise sensitive, contact one of our engineers to discuss variable speed feedback control circuits that allow the unit to run at a fraction of full speed depending on the heat load of the system.

Each exchanger is designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest standards. Thousands of these models have been placed in service, and continue to provide reliable service.

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